Tips for Managing Your Bills

There are very few constant things in this world…except bills. They come every month to let you know how much you owe. Despite being sent on a constant schedule, some people still fail to make payments on time, therefore incurring late fees and sometimes worse, disconnection. Never make late payments again by following these simple tips:

Put all unpaid bills in one area
Designate a place where you can gather all your unpaid bills so that you’ll only have to look at this area whenever you need to know which bills haven’t been paid yet. Once the bill has been paid, you can then file it in a folder, an envelope, or keep an electronic copy of it. Remember that you must not file a bill you haven’t paid!

Don’t forget about your electronic bills
Keep your bills from getting buried in your email’s inbox by moving them into folders labeled something like “bills,” “to pay,” or “paid.”

Organize your bills
Get ahold of all your bills and write down each billing cycle. Also, mark the due dates on a calendar. Some due dates are earlier, while some are later in the month. Then write down which dates you receive your income so you can schedule when to make the payments.

Schedule your bill payment
Once you’re finished organizing your bills, set a time and date each month for paying the bills. For example, if you receive your income twice a month—every 15th and 30th—you can then make a payment for bills due within the 1st and the 15th on your first cutoff then pay the remaining on your second cutoff by the 30th.

Pay online or by phone
Paying online saves you time and effort. Depending on the company, you can either log onto their website to make a payment or have your bills connected to your bank account so that you won’t need to put in the account information each time.

If you don’t have an internet connection and you badly need to make a payment that will post instantly, consider making a payment through the phone. Confirm with the company if they charge transactions through the phone.

Set up autopay
Setting up automatic bill payment is advisable for bills that do not fluctuate too much such as utilities and an internet subscription. However, as you don’t know when your credit card bill will suddenly go up, it’s not advisable to enroll credit card payments in autopay. Before you sign up, ask if enrolling in autopay incurs additional charges, and proceed only when it’s free.

Make sure your check arrives on time
When sending a check via mail, make sure that the check will arrive before the bill is due. Ask the company how many business days (NOT including weekends and holidays) it takes before they can process your payment if you send it by mail. If you think it will not arrive on time, consider choosing other payment methods.

Be reminded when to make a payment
Aside from using a calendar to remind you which bills to pay soon, you can also use mobile apps. Putting a note in your calendar app can do, but for your convenience, just download bill management apps that you can easily navigate.

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