Tips on How to Negotiate Your Bills

Most people have bills to pay. It’s one of the things that we just have to deal with once we reach a certain age. The best way to lessen the burden that comes with it is to negotiate for a lower cost. Yes, you read that right! Negotiating for a lower bill is completely possible, not only with utilities but also with other services. Here’s the list of costs you didn’t know you could bargain:

  • Cable or satellite
  • Landline phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Rent
  • Car insurance
  • Alarm systems
  • Gym membership

If you’re wondering why it’s allowed, the answer is competition. Companies offering the same services are competing for customers. Long-term customers with good payment history have more chances of lowering their bills because it would be the company’s loss if they switch to the competitor. Nevertheless, just try and find out up to how much you can lower your bills. You don’t have anything to lose anyway even if the company declines.

Apply these tips to have better leverage during the negotiation:

Get to know all the information regarding competitors’ offers for new customers. You may have to go to each company’s website or call their customer service hotlines in order to find all inclusions to what they offer.

Contact your provider
The easiest way is to call in and say that you want to cancel their service. You may be offered some discounts or freebies, but do not accept what you’re offered right away. It’s better to wait until you get transferred to the customer retention department who has more freedom to cut a larger chunk off the bill or offer greater discounts compared to what was initially offered to you.

Inform them about your gathered data
Service providers are used to cancellation threats. A better way to negotiate is to present your gathered data in comparison to your present subscription. Tell the representative how much you could save if you decide to switch to the competitor. Make it more convincing by ensuring that the offer you’re talking about includes almost the same services you’re currently subscribed to.

Don’t settle with what you’re offered
If a sincere request to lower your bill still didn’t grant you a satisfying offer, say that you’ll think about it. Try again after a day or two and you might just chance upon a more considerate representative.

You can decline the first offer, but don’t call in repeatedly for a week or more requesting for a lower bill, then dismissing what’s proposed in hopes of a better offer.

Take note of expiration dates
When you’re given a discount that has an expiration date, make sure that you set a calendar reminder a day or two before it expires so you can call back to negotiate. This is something that you should never forget especially if you’re given a free subscription to a certain service.

For example, you were given a free 3-month access to additional channels by your cable provider. You will incur standard rate fees for those channels if you forget to call in before the 3 month period is over.

Dare to ask
Even if car insurance, medical bills, or rent require a different approach when it comes to lowering your bills, still try to negotiate at least yearly.  Even the smallest amount you could save can be used to pay other expenses.

Start trying these tips and see how much you can save each month!

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