Tips on How to Negotiate Your Bills

Most people have bills to pay. It’s one of the things that we just have to deal with once we reach a certain age. The best way to lessen the burden that comes with it is to negotiate for a lower cost. Yes, you read that right! Negotiating for a lower bill is completely possible, [...]

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How to Talk About Money with Your Loved Ones

Discussing financial matters with other people is usually uncomfortable. It can be even worse if you have to broach the topic with your family or a loved one. No matter how awkward it may be, talking about finances can help prevent future problems.  Continue reading to learn some tips: Identify the problem If you are [...]

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How to Make a Bare Bones Budget

When you face a financial hardship, overcoming it will require you to learn how to adapt to the situation. Adjusting your expenses in order to save as much money as you can is not easy but it’s doable. What is a bare bones budget? A bare bones budget requires a household to cut down any [...]

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Create a Spending Plan

Planning where to spend your money helps you avoid overspending. A person usually creates a spending plan whenever there is a financial goal needing to be achieved. Whether you’re trying to save money for a retirement plan or doing your best to pay off a debt as fast as possible, reaching your financial goal is [...]

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7 Habits That Cost You Money

When you get used to doing something regularly for a long period of time, it turns into a habit. Sometimes, you tend to overlook some of these habits even when they hinder you from reaching a financial goal because you’re either not willing to give them up or you just don’t realize how much money [...]

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26 Ways to Save Money

We all want to have enough money for our future, however, saving is easier said than done. Having too many expenses can leave you barely able to save a fraction of your income. Not saving enough money can cause people to fall into debt, and it’s difficult to get out of when you have problems [...]

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