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10 Tips on How to Shop Smarter

How many times do you shop in a month? Do you think you have a tendency to spend too much whenever you shop? Learning how to shop smarter is one of the most effective ways to cut down on your expenses. Never fall prey to store gimmicks again as you follow these tips: Don’t let [...]

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4 Benefits of Paying More than the Minimum Amount

The minimum amount is the smallest possible amount that your credit card company allows you to pay each month without incurring additional charges. If it’s indicated on your bill that the minimum amount to pay is $50, then you have to pay it otherwise you’ll be charged late fees. Continuous late payments can negatively affect [...]

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How to Track Your Expenses

Are you having a hard time figuring out why your money is suddenly all gone a few days after each pay period? Why weren't you able to save even a bit? A great way to start saving money is to track your expenses. As you do this, you’ll be able to see how you spend [...]

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Consolidating Debts in Canada

It is more difficult to pay off your debt when you have debt from various financial institutions instead of just one. Deciding which one to pay first and dealing with multiple interest rates can increase the pressure on the debtor, making the situation worse. Thankfully, debt consolidation can help ease repayment terms for a debtor. [...]

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Talking To a Credit Counselor

Even though handling finances is not easy, every adult knows that we have no choice but to learn how to do it. Some people love managing their finances because they know how to make their money work for them. Others are satisfied with working as an employee and being able to save money that they [...]

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Debt Stacking Method

When you have multiple debts weighing you down, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure of having to pay everything. Some people start to borrow money to pay debt, and the cycle never ends. In order to get out of debt, try the debt stacking method. What is the debt stacking method? The debt [...]

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10 Tips on Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is more economical than buying a new one. A new car’s value depreciates with each passing month. And many of the used cars being sold with a lower price tag than their brand-new counterparts don’t even look much different. Use the following tips to help you find the car that is [...]

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10 Tips on Cutting Your Grocery Bill

Food is a basic human need. In fact, a large portion of your budget is probably allocated to your food expenses. This doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune each time you go to the grocery store however. To help lower your grocery bill, we’ve come up with some tips you should definitely try. [...]

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26 Ways to Save Money

We all want to have enough money for our future, however, saving is easier said than done. Having too many expenses can leave you barely able to save a fraction of your income. Not saving enough money can cause people to fall into debt, and it’s difficult to get out of when you have problems [...]

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Debt Snowball Method

Having too much debt can cause various negative emotions ranging from denial and stress to anger and depression. Good thing the answer is simple—get out of debt. However, although the answer is simple, it’s not easy to do. To make getting out of debt easier, considering following the debt snowball method. What is the debt [...]

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